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d felt that it ought to be celebrated. He began reading the history of that memorable reign, and was at once excitedly interested and impressed. There has always been a charming, if childish, naivete about the manner in which William frankly exposes his mental processes, and, having just heard of something for the first time which everybody Juniper Certification else knows, brings it forward to JNCSP-SEC it exam public notice as if it were a fresh and most remarkable discovery. The effect produced upon him by his belated introduction to the life and works of the last Elector affords an apt illustration of this tendency. At the celebration William made a long speech in eulogy of his ancestor, which in every sentence seemed to take it for granted that heretofore JNCSP-SEC no one had written or thought or known about the Great Elector. Since that time the young Emperor has rarely spoken in public, at least to a Prussian audience, without some reference to this distinguished predecessor whereas we never hear now of either Frederic the Great or his savage father. Doubtless t.he fervour with which William has adopted the Great Elector as his model

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